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Curiosity is the beginning of true knowledge. VLC KIDS COMMUNITY is one place where your child can indulge that natural curiosity and discover the delight of discovering new chiefessays.net things every single day. At VLC KIDS COMMUNITY, your child is our priority. That is why our classrooms have the warmth of a home atmosphere, and children experience the excitement of learning new things in endless ways. Our team of dedicated teachers use Circle Time, Music and Movement, and Experiential Learning to immerse your child in the concepts we want them to learn. They are in a natural environment that helps them build healthy relationships, learn life skills and develop their personality, while learning concepts happens side by side. Our children learn as children should – exploring the world find bride review through different learning styles and methods. We know that every child has a different learning style or combination of styles. So we have interesting, brain-stimulating, learning centres to suit visual, auditory, kinesthetic, social, individual, verbal and logical learners.

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Our Teachers

Our teachers are a warm group who care about children and enjoy being with them. They are well-trained in our methods where we use nine learning centres to enable children to learn in different ways. Children develop social skills as they constantly interact with the caring, engaging set of teachers and helpers.